Holy shit.

I just made 10k in my 30 minute lunch break. More details to come, but I’m excited to give bluehair a present an Italian designer gave me to give to her [worth half of my total gross income from last year~]




Maybe today~



If my jokes offend you:

  1. I’m sorry
  2. It won’t happen again
  3. 1 & 2 are lies 
  4. You’re a pussy

Lab Coats

My best friend [herein referred to as purplehair] and I are the perfect example of the fact that girls and boys can just be friends. We’re both a little shocked by it, because it has never worked out like that for either of us before. Though, it’s fantastic~ First time we actually made plans to hangout, we made a pillow fort and plans to put a monocle on the Fremont Troll. Needless to say, purplehair and I get along great. Next week, when we have money, we’re going to actually buy the lab coats we found so we can be matching while we party :3

On a side note, bluehair started singing an Adventure Time song whilst we were talking about it [to which I joined in of course]. [+1]

Things are going extremely well, I think it’s because I’m slowly getting older. Or at least something like that~


Blue hair

I don’t know why, every relationship I seem to have starts in August


The sheer idiocy of some folk still has the power to astonish me, from time to time

I’m sorry, but if you move into my friends’ house then choose to insult and steal from my friends and I within the first few days of you being there, I will get you kicked out. The homeowners trust us far better than they trust you, that’s why we were the few there on her birthday, you dumb fuck. That is how you personally insult all the people living there, and a few of the regulars.

I don’t oft feel compelled enough to talk this mad of shit. But, whenever I do, I always take the opportunity to say; “Bitch you fuckin’ burnt”. It’s a fun one, try it. [Also see; “YoUs A bAs1c B1tcH”, “Ya Dinglewaffle”, “Schrawm”, “Ya FAAK”, “Cyclops, Cyclops”, and “You’re kinda being a butt”.]


Tonight was awesome. Didn’t feel the need to get more than tipsy, but still had smiles with great friends. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somehow I’ve become part of the festival family.

Also, apparently I’m supposed to go get coffee with this one blue haired girl. Personally, I’ve never done a coffee date thing (or whatever). It’ll be a weird first. Definitely wanted something of the sort to occur, but she brought it up first, so that’s coo’.

Seems like my problem is, with all things in life, I always ask the question: “is this just a passing fancy?”. I’m working hard at silencing that voice and enjoying exactly where I am, at any given quantum~


I constantly long for a time that never existed. In my greatest moments of nostalgia, I always have this deep feeling of disconnect. A moment seen from a different perspective. It’s as if I’m in WWII. Even if that isn’t a completely encompassing description, nostalgic times always exude this sensation of living in an analogue age; moments have the tendency towards feeling like they belong in a simpler time.

These memories originate from me, I don’t believe in the experience of past lives, yet they seem to spawn from some primeval sensation [lolarchetype]. The world is far more complicated than ever before, I crave a simpler time; I yearn for a time where things felt real.

That’s why this nostalgia is so profound. It’s a construct. A manifest of my subconscious desires. Forever haunting, it shall never be outrun. It is the fear of change.

But, soon, that too will change. The snowball gains.


I always find the best of friends in the strangest places. It’s exciting to finally have someone who’s willing to go around the city and do the most ridiculous things. Also, who’s willing/has been wanting to to learn poi and do math.

On a side note, this one blue haired girl has my attention. I find interest in math majors whose sanity is in question~

My vision is augmented.